Kase Filters are about to launch their updated 100mm filter holder, the K9, in mid November, and I’ve been lucky enough to have trialled one in the field over the last week.

So what’s new and why change?

Well, there’s not much wrong with the ‘old’ K8 holder functionally, but there are a few ultra-wide lenses where the K8 causes a little vignetting (Sony 16-35 and Nikon 14-35) and as Kase are one of those rare companies that listens to their customer’s needs and acts, the changes were made.

The K9 is lighter, easier to use and has a bigger polariser, up from 86mm to 90mm.

The reason for the bigger polariser is quite obvious – to reduce the chance of vignetting on those ultra-wide lenses. Having recently changed from APS-C to full frame, I’ve noticed the benefits of this. On my new Tokina 17-35mm I get slight vignetting in the top corners when using the K8 but this has gone with the K9, so obviously the change works!

They’ve introduced cut outs on the front face of the holder to make it easier to remove the polariser without taking the holder off the lens. Since I never remove my polariser this has little consequence to me, but I can see their thinking. They’ve also changed the material of the gasket to a more felt like material rather than foam.

The locking wheel has a more coarse thread so it needs fewer turns to lock in place. I also noticed that the polariser doesn’t stiffen up when the holder is tightened like it can do on the K8 if over tightened.

The filter rails have been redesigned too for a smoother action when inserting the filters. I’ve been trialling the new rails on my K8 and they are an improvement over the originals.

The wheel for turning the polariser has been enlarged which makes it more user friendly when wearing gloves; a very small detail but one that works.

The weight saving overall is minimal but the K9 does now look very streamlined compared to the K8 and is still made from the same aerospace grade aluminium as before.

In the kit you’ll get the same extras as the K8 – 77 and 82 mm adapter rings, step down rings, extra rails and spare gaskets so no need to worry about having to buy new bits if you already have a K8   (The K8 rings won’t work with the K9)

I’ve been told the price of the K9 will be a little more than the K8 but if you don’t have one of those Ultra-wide lenses then the K8 will be all you need.

So are a few small changes adding up to make a better product with a slightly higher price? I’d say they are, and personally I’ll be getting a K9 as soon as I can.

Kase Filters and accessories can be purchase by clicking here

Some images taken using the New Kase Filters K9 holder